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The Ideal Climate  

The IDEAL Direction
Embark on the latest adventure by Andrew Jacobs in this second digitial download release.

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The Ideal Climate  

The Ideal Climate
Log on to download our first digital release and continue the journey with Andrew Jacobs as he looks for the ideal climate for business and sales.

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The Art of Listening   The Art of Listening
We live in a time of constant chatter, whether it be from personal electronics, movies, television, radio, the internet or even just general noise all around us, there is a virtual absence of silence. Why is that? The answer is simple - silence scares us.

Download a free copy of Andrew Jacobs' latest published work to better understand why listening is unique skill and often an artform.

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How To Start And Run Your Own Company   How to Start and Run Your Own Company
-Or- Sex, Money, And Power... It's All the Same Thing

Most people think of the freedom and the fun of making their own hours, being in charge of their own destinies and being the "boss". There are plenty of books about how to run your own company from the financial or bookkeeping point of view--there are very few that make you look at yourself to see if you have what it takes or if you would be better off staying where you are. The majority of people should not run their own business and my book will tell you if you are one of the few who can. I will tell you how to start to "read" yourself, then people in general and finally the business landscape. Owning your own company is not for most people but if you are one of the few who can then it is one of the greatest things possible.

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A Sale's Warrior's Global Excursions   A Sales Warrior's Global Excursions

When I first started out I never had any thought of traveling for business. An occasional trip to the Midwest was one thing but going all over the world was never in my plans. Here I am about to embark on another set of adventures and you can read about some I've already had in A Sales Warrior's Global Excursions.

One of the things I have learned is that the world is both small enough to be able to conduct business and large enough to keep many people from trying it. I believe my company is the best and that people all over the world will want to deal with us as long as I am a good enough salesman and owner to make them aware of our capabilities. This book covers many aspects of my life in sales and in general but the best part is that it never stops. The last section is my first novel called Dispatches From Iraq, a fictional account of me being kidnapped and brought to Iraq by our government. I will let you read it from there.

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Memoirs Of A Sales Warrior   Memoirs of a Sales Warrior

Ever since I was a little kid all I heard was that there were no absolutes in life. You could never count on anything, because you would never know what was going to happen. If you tried to plan your life out too far in advance then you were going to get slammed by some invisible hand of fate. You were supposed to live your life in fear of the unknown, in dread of what could happen, and be content if you felt secure for the next five minutes. But "they" were wrong about everything. There are absolutes, rules, and structures to the universe; there is a right and wrong way to do things, you can plan successfully for the future, and you can determine your own fate.

I learned these "rules" having the hardest job imaginable: selling for my father's printing business. Being "the son" meant that everybody was that much harder on me, because they thought I had it easy. My life on the road and under the tutelage of my father taught me that your success in life is directly related to the effort that you put in, the intelligence you possess, the knowledge you acquire, and determination you exhibit. Come see how I did it; learn from my mistakes and perhaps your journey will prosper even faster than me. This is my life my way. Let me show you the possibilities.

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Say Yes or I'll Keep Calling   Say Yes, or I'll Keep Calling

You are in sales. Does it matter if you:
A. Dress for success
B. Get to work at a consistent time every morning
C. Want to make money
D. Are willing to work hard
E. All of the above

If you answered yes to all of the above, then you are either thinking about a career in sales (or any other profession) or are already in it. There are certain "nuts and bolts" of life that just make the journey easier. Many people don't know them, or even worse, do not think they matter. My success has been built on the principles in this book. If you have questions as to how to conduct yourself in a way that I believe will help to marshal all of the positive attributes and reduce the negatives, then this book might be of assistance.


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