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Ideal Jacobs Corporation is located at 515 Valley Street, in the Hammond Map Building in Maplewood, NJ. Our entrance is located at the rear of the building. Parking lots are located off of Valley Street (adjacent to the Hammond Map Building) and off of Jefferson Street.

From Valley Street, make your turn onto Jefferson, then take the left turn into the parking lot (a sign identifies Ideal Jacobs at the entrance to this lot). Our entrance is past the first building and loading dock, follow the signs along the right of the fence, additional parking is available when you are clear of the building. Take the small set of stairs up the landing at the far end of the lot, and the main entrance to our offices are through the glass door.

For complete driving directions to our facility, visit our Google Maps page.

Note for deliveries: Due to the constricted space leading to our loading dock, large tractor-trailers will not be able to maneuver into our receiving area. All large shipments must be broken down into smaller trucks.

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